YouTube Schedule Change & Update

YouTube Channel Schedule Change

1 x Video Published per Week

Every Wednesday at 10am

From the last week of September 2020 onwards, I will be publishing one video a week, on a Wednesday at around 10am GMT.

The reason for this change is the demand and time commitment I currently have to dedicate to creating 3 videos per week for this branch of my business, as well as another 3 for McCall Media TV, and the fact I was to create a 3rd channel, later this autumn, called Winging-It with Ange!

The upside, is that with less video editing commitments, I actually gain time back in my working week, to publish more app’s.

More App Development Time!

The big one of course is the 2D Puzzle Adventure I’ve been working off and on with for the past 18 months, a really good hard push now, means I might be able to launch it for the Christmas holidays, when people are trapped in doors a bit more due to poor weather and want to spend more time with their loved ones.

eNewsletter Service

To co-inside with the change of schedule, I will also be publishing a weekly newsletter update to co-inside with my Wednesday video publication schedule, so be sure to register for it – coming soon.

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