What is The MK Project?

Milton Keynes very own Slide-A-Square (Fifteen) Mobile App Game Puzzle

Turning a regular mobile app game I have already created (Standard Version), into a specific Milton Keynes Edition. The hard work has already been done, it just needs photos of Milton Keynes.

As part of my foray into the world of mobile app game development and publication, I’ve started to publish a series of small classic mobile app games.

One of these games is a twist on the classic Fifteen (Slide-A-Square) puzzle you may have played as kids.

The beauty of my little version of this Slide-A-Square puzzle is that I’ve created 4 different sized grids, each having 25 photos all of which I have published using a regular stock library of images.

This resulted in 100 images to create the app, 1 image per level!

Are you a fan of Milton Keynes?

Fancy your photos gaining a little spot-light and exposure for you as part of a simple, yet fun-loving boredom busting app?

Then the information below is all about what is involved, and what you can expect in return.

A Milton Keynes Slide-A-Square Edition

Having already built out, tested and (currently in the process of) publishing the standard version of the app, I realised that to create a second variation would simply mean a couple of days work on my part, (switching out the stock library images for those of Milton Keynes photos and running through the publication process on the various stores).

So with this, I decided to open this MK Edition of the app, up to local photographers to help populate it’s 100 images!

App Objective

To raise awareness of our businesses, be part of something quirky, unique and fun, AND if we can generate a little money back, even better for everyone involved! If you are looking for a get-rich-quick project, (I very much doubt this is it, see the section below on app finances, revenues and commissions!) It’s about taking part and gaining exposure!

Your Photos or Mine? (Or Both)?

To populate this app with 100 photos of Milton Keynes, to be honest, is something I can do, given a few days grace, chasing all over town taking the photos and using my own creations.

Something I am more the willing to do.

Opening the Doors to some extra Business Exposure

But, given the current economic climate and troubles small businesses have been facing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I thought it would be nice to offer photographers (professional or amateur), the chance to gain a little exposure, join in a little fun, and contribute their photos to this MK Project.

Three App Stores

The app will be published to the Apple Store (iOS mobiles and tablets), Google Play Store (Android mobiles and tablets) and the Amazon App Store (Kindle devices).

The app will be designed to work on the very latest operating systems but having already tested on older devices, it works perfectly fine, we just wont guarantee that older operating systems, will always remain compatible.

App Publication Date

Our aim, is to publish the app across all 3 app stores within a week either side of the 1st March! (We are at the mercy of how quickly the powers-that-be will approve and sign off on the app).

What’s in this for you?


The biggest “WIN” you will have, as being part of this project is the exposure your photo will give you to everyone who downloads it.

In-App Publicity

When your photo/level has been successfully completed, in the little “Level Completed” message that appears, a thank you to you as the photographer will be created, along with a button that can feed people to your website/favourite social media profile.

This Website Page Credits Listing

I will create a listing on this page of my website, listing all of the levels/images and provide credit to you, with a link to your website/favourite social media profile.

Social Media Post

I will give a dedicated post about your contributed photos to my Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn Business Page all with links to your website/favourite social media profile.

Backlinks Help

Don’t forget backlinks to your website, from other websites, help with your own SEO rankings.

Bit.ly Link Tracking

If you are familiar with Bit.ly style URL shortener services, you could provide the link you want us to use, in this format, so each time it is used, you can track how successful it was, we suggest customising one Bit.ly link per method suggested above to get really clear on whats been useful or not.

Something Fun Quirky & Unique to Talk About

Little projects like this, often make the difference between you being “easily” remembered or not. You only have to “Google” photographers in Milton Keynes, to know how many “others” like you are out there! So having something “different” to talk about, helps to set you apart and that helps you become remembered.

About Your Image Usage

Usage Rights

App Lifetime Usage

Once the app is published, you give us permission to allow the image to remain usable by the App, until such a time the app is un-published. So we are clear, our intention is to keep this app for a minimum of 3 years by updating it’s code to remain compaitble with the latest operating systems for the devices it’s available on.

Only used images count

You can supply as many or as few images to us as you fancy. Only those that we use will be applicable for any credit, exposure and commission payouts.

Removal of Image’s After Publication

With potentially 100 different photographers this project may result in us working with, we can not remove images once the app is built and published due to the time spent then seeking a replacement image, editing the app and then publishing again to 3 different app stores. If you really need an image removed, we will charge you a fee of £49 + VAT per image as a way to compensate us for the time and energy this process will involve. We’ve made this decision simply as a deterrent to prevent photographers from “messing” all the stakeholders of this project about.

Variety of Levels/Grid Sizes

We reserve the right to decide what level your image is used in, however we will honourably do our best to spread your photos amoungst all grid sizes within the app, as we appreciate that the easier levels will most likely gain more exposure.

App Finances

#1) Free To Download

The app will be free to download and play by anyone who decides to do so. The three main stores (Apple, Google Play and Amazon App’s) will be where the app is published to.

#2) Supported by Paid Advertising

However, the intention is to support the app financially with paid advertising placed at strategic places in the app.

Advert Style #1) A very thin banner advert that sits at the bottom of every scene in the app.

Advert Style #2) Upon clicking the play button, before the game appears a Static Intersitial advert will appear for a few seconds, before allowing the user to continue with the game.

(Learn more about advertising methods on the Solar2D documentation, if interested)

#3) App Purchase (Removal of Adverts)

If supporters of Milton Keynes, the app, and fan’s of these puzzle games fancy purchasing the app, thus removing the adverts to experience ad-free gameplay. Then the cost of the app will be £0.99 (inclusive of VAT) from all three app store platforms.

#4) Revenue: App Sales

The price of the app will be 99p.
This is inclusive of VAT, so before anything happens the UK goverment will take 16p of this (20%) as their income!

Of the 83p remaining, the app stores will then take their own 30% commission for providing a platform for the app to be sold via (and to give users peice of mind that the app’s gone through their various security/authentication checks etc). So that’s another 23p deducted.

Of the 60p “profit” that remains, my business McCall Media Ltd, will take half, (30p) this is to ensure that the app remains compatible on the various operating systems of Android, Apple, and Kindle (phones and tablets) when these companies roll out updates and towards the management of this project.

The last 30p will then be split amongst all the photographers who chose to become part of the project. To keep it real… this is not about the money, essentially every photo used, will earn you a third of a pence per sale (£0.003 per sale of the app per photo used).

Donate Your Commission to Charity

If you would rather, we donate your commission to an MK Charity, then we can do so if you would like this.

If only 1 photo is used:

  • 100 App Sales: 30p commission
  • 1,000 App Sales: £3.00 commission
  • 10,000 App Sales: £30.00 commission

If 10 photos used (of the 100 in total):

  • 100 App Sales: £3.00 commission
  • 1,000 App Sales: £30.00 commission
  • 10,000 App Sales: £300 commission

#5) Revenue: Advertising Clicks CPM

This is currently a harder income strategy to predict, it depends on what companies decide to pay to promote their business, and how many people actually click on those adverts.

Payments are managed per 1000 clicks!

This Quora answer, is probably the easiest indication of how much income this will generate!

But lets just say, for the app to earn approximately £1, it would need to have generated 1000 clicks and that £1 would then have VAT, to pay and the balance split between 50% to McCall Media Ltd and 50% to all photographers divided into a ratio per number of photos in use.

Again, this is not necessarily a project about the income it generates, but the exposure, it will provide!

#6) Monthly Statements / Commission Payouts

For all those involved, we will provide a monthly statement of the app’s performance, by the 15th of the following month and the payouts by the 31st of the month after.

The stats are available more or less in real-time, so generating a report within a couple of weeks of the month ending will be easy to provide, by which time, we will also know the income generated, and be waiting for that to hit our own accounts so we can then forward to you your commissions.

EG the total income generated by the app in April, will get paid at the end of May.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JP3bdW70w8I[/embedyt]

Watch this explainer video to learn more about the MK Project

Artwork for Standard App Promotion

The MK Project

Photographer In-App Publicity

Slide-A-Square_Levels 100 Levels100 Levels

100 Levels/Images (4 x Grid Sizes of 25 images each)


Variety of images across the 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 grid sizes!

About the app, would be udpated to include The MK Project information.

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