APP: Slide-A-Square (aka Fifteen)


(Aka Fifteen) Launching January 2021

This classic game was designed by a New York a postmaster called Noyes Palmer Chapman, who showed his friends at a party in 1874. a grid of 4×4 sqaures (total of 16 minus one for an empty space, hense the name Fifteen). It soon became very popular with people trying to solve it and wiritng mathmatical theories about it endless solution combinations.

Our twist on this classic

If you search in any app store, you will see many multiple variations of this game’s publication, some good, some bad!.

In my variation, I’ve created 4 grid sizes (3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6) and created 25 images per grid.

Thus giving you hours of bordem busting fun at your finger tips whilst stretching those brain cells to work out your solutions.

The only real difference is that my empty space, starts in the top-left, position 1 as it were if counting the grid squares left to right, top down.

Free App:

The app is free to download from the following stores, and is supported by in-app advertising such as slim banners at the bottom and static intersitial adverts placed as you natigate to play the next level.

Turn Off Ads:

You can turn off advertising by purchase the app for £0.99p of the equivalent in your countries currency.

App Stores:

Apple Store

Google Play Store

Amazon App Store

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