App Advertising Types


In a past short blog article created, called ‘App Store Commissions’, we named a few types of ad that can be used within apps when they have been published. Stores that they could be advertised on include Apple, Google Play and Amazon. 

However, within this article, I will go through them and a few more in much more detail. Let’s get stuck in! 

Native Ads

These are ads that are integrated into the app very well. Sometimes, the user doesn’t even realize they are being shown an ad. 

A native ad is known as the ‘least intrusive’ and can be personalized based on what the user looks at or where they are based (location). These are the best type of ad to use, because revenue will flow if the user is enjoying their experience and continues to cooperate with the ad being displayed. 

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads take up the whole screen when they pop up. Which can be quite annoying, right?

These are the least successful form of ad because they get in the way of the user when they are trying to use the app, potentially distracting them. You will have to click the cross in the corner to get out of the ad. This means most people won’t pay attention to its content if they are focused on the information the app is producing.  

On the other hand, some say forcing you to interact with the ad in some form could potentially give users a quick and eye-catching bit of informative information.

If they are interested, they might be looking at the ad for a period of time, potentially leading to sales.  


A banner will pop up at the bottom or top of the user’s screen while they are using an app. These are more successful than interstitial ads because they allow users to continue using the app while it is showing, not getting in their way.

 Although they are more successful, they still have relatively low click-through-rates.  

They are the most successful when they don’t appear in a time-sensitive part of the game or the app. Ad creators need to be sure to place them in the app at the right time when nothing important is happening, so users will more likely pay attention.

Incentivized Ads

Sponsored surveys, sharing of content, playing of games, these are all examples of incentivized ads. Whenever a user interacts in any way with the app, it is classed as incentivized. Often, they allow other additional areas of the app to be ‘unlocked’ if they take part, which can be rewarding for the user. 

For example, if it is a game where you run out of lives, you have the option to watch an ad, then gain an extra life. This encourages users to interact with the ad. 

This is one of the most successful types of ad, because consumers pay attention to what is being promoted. 

Videos Ads

Video ads are usually played for a few seconds, between 10-30 seconds, some may be even longer. However, the longer it is, the riskier.

A user is likely to click out of the app if the video is too long because they are not interested in what is being shown to them. Furthermore, at the end of these videos, a call to action is often placed. Some examples could include installing an app or liking a page.  

Video ads usually costs more to put into apps because users are required to give more interaction and are exposed for longer. Reward videos are slightly different to a normal video ad. The user can choose to watch it and can be given a reward afterwards if the whole thing is watched. These are very successful, and customers respond well because they are offered something in return! 

These are worth the extra little bit of money they cost, because they are effective. 

play button on a video


These sorts of ads will pop up as a notification on someone’s device. A publisher will be able to send these ads at any time. Users don’t even have to be operating in the app.

If someone is not expecting a notification, they may be more interested in what it is when they are doing their daily activities.  

They can show a lot of things, like sport scores, coupons or sales that are on. So, these ads can be quite intriguing to the customer. 

Rich Media Ads

You can probably understand what this type of ad is from what it’s called. These are extremely noticeable and grab the attention of the consumer immediately. 

Some examples of these could include videos, interactive types of media, GIF’s or audio. This is much more likely to get the user interested than just a picture and text alone. They pop up on the whole screen. 

Engagement has been proven to be much higher when using rich media ads, and a lot more users are likely to recall the message shown in the ad. This means it is working properly.  

Overall, there are many types of ads that developers can choose to include within their app. It really depends on your budget and what you believe will work best for you.

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