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Point & Click Puzzle Games is owned and operated by McCall Media Ltd, a digital marketing and creative design studio by Angela McCall, which serves small to medium-sized businesses in the UK.

As a multi-disciplined digital creative Angela started out as a software developer.
Wanting to teach her girls (and others) how to create their own (Roblox/Mobile App) games, she decided to teach them how to code, using the Lua programming language, via YouTube videos and thought this would make a nice subject for a second and complementary branch of her business.

Thus Point & Click Puzzle Games was born.

About McCall Media Ltd

McCall Media Ltd

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About Angela McCall

Angela McCall

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About Point & Click Puzzle Games

Point & Click Puzzle Games

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About Teaching Kids to Code

Teaching Kids to Code

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Follow our YouTube Videos, as we teach you how to build your own mobile app games using a variety of opensource free tools and resources.

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